Translator Cards
The Flight Logistics translator cards are to assist understanding before, during and after airborne filming. 
Clearly they are not the answer but they are 100% better than absolutely nothing !
How do they work ?
1.They are designed to be used by the person sitting next to the Pilot (Director?).
2.They simply identify what they want to communicate in their language (in the small blue type ) hold           the card up within the Pilots scan, and slowly point out what words are required.
3.Complex phrases are easily possible i.e. Start / Alongside / Lower / Finish / Higher / Behind 
  or the ever popular Faster / Closer / Lower.
4.It is very important that whoever is doing the pointing that they familiarise themselves thoroughly                 with what words are available on the card. Both parties should practise its use prior to flight.
5.On the other side are complete phrases to be used airborne (and the smaller type face sentences              on the ground).
Clearly all is backed up with conventional head and hand movements to confirm (or deny) understanding.
Who is this for ?

Camera Operators, Film Pilots and Directors. Thus an English speaking Film Pilot can fly with a Japanese Director or vice visa.

We are producing cards in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean or any combination thereof !
They are free to down load and use as long as you don't cut off Flight Logistics' title.

To use, the sheet should be self supporting thus it is best to laminate the two sheets of each translator back to back.

Finished full A4 laminated versions are available from Flight Logistics through the post on request.