Flight Logistics' Special Equipment
Tyler Mini Gyro
AirGround Radios

Without good communications you might as well go to the pub ! The thought of shooting an action helicopter with one radio and one battery is terrifying.

Supplied in a kit of 2 radios, spare batteries, chargers, and an aviation noise reducing headset. Also special battery cases that take AA batteries that can be purchased almost anywhere.

Marine Radios.

Aircraft and Marine radios operate on different parts of the frequency spectrum. 

The kit comprises of  Marine and Airband  handheld radios, headset and spare batteries. 

A specially made cable that allows the Marine radio to be connected to the aircraft's intercom to easily transmit and all onboard can hear the boat's reply.

This does not affect the normal operation of the aircrafts radios.

Stills / Mini Gyros

Not many realise that there are 2 parts to stabilization, image stability ie no camera shake and Directional stability (aiming) which is what this Gyro provides.

Supplied with all batteries, chargers and safety lines.

This unit is a very popular piece of gear especially with bumpy weather which is not corrected by 
in-built lens image stabilizers.

Locator Beacon
Sound Cables

Recording direct sound from aircraft can be a problem, for instance the “standard NATO” plug comes in 2 sizes, British and American. 

They look almost identical but are not interchangeable. We have a range of interface cables connecting to a standard audio 3 pin XLR plug.

Above is just a section of our Translator cards to aid airborne communication. The A4 laminated sheet is divided into squares with key phrases written in English ie “Again” or “Lower” etc. 

Then on location, the local language is then written below in marker pen, it is then a case of pointing out what is required. 

Sure this is slow and clunky, but it beats no communication at all ( and they are free ) !
Asymmetric Headsets

We have a number of specially modified aviation headsets so there is one thin earcup allowing the operator's head close to the camera and thus viewfinder.

As there are speaker pads on both sides, these headsets perform considerably better than single sided types.
Heavy Duty Batteries

No point the aircraft having plenty of fuel if the camera doesn’t ( and the aircraft can refuel and go all day) ! 

We have a range of 12v and 24v batteries that provide up to 30amps each, all are aviation approved dry cells.

These are not regular rental company batteries. They are replaced if the capacity falls bellow 93%.
We are developing a range of specialised rental equipment that is often difficult or impossible to hire elsewhere.

After 25 years of organising aerial shoots, we know it is often the small items that most affect success. 

Our aim is to provide the very best standard of kit, fully seviceable with all accessories to complete the task. - even on today's very limited budgets.
The Tyler MiniGyro with it's 4 internal gyros is simply an outstanding all rounder, not only does it perform well in helicopters but it is great for cars, boats, planes and hand held shooting.

A significant consideration these days are shipping costs and transport, weighing in from as little as 20kg, taking the gear excess is no problem.
Portamount is a remarkable concept in vertical vibration and shock control.

However, the common first reaction from those who don't know or understand it is "its just a monopod with a spring". 

When they learn of the oil system together with selectable pneumatic damping, they become more interested. When they use it, they really like it.
With doors removed the standard passenger flap type seat belt buckle is not safe, if you catch and lift the buckle - bye -bye !

It is vital to select a harness that you can get out of, even when it is supporting your weight. This is to prevent you being “hung up” in an aircraft, unable to unclip.

These aviation harnesses have front positioned, 2 independent buckles for further safety. The buckles are specially designed so they cannot be snagged and opened.

The front positioning allows you to quickly get away in the event of a fire or ditching.
Quite often aircraft do not have serviceable intercoms for passengers.
This makes aerial work very difficult for everyone.

This independant intercom that works in any type of aircraft ( or high noise environment. Up to 6 headsets over a distance of 6m.

Specially designed and built, the system is battery powered and has an earphone insert and a separate boom mike for the Pilot. 

The intercom mike is cabled-tied to his boom mike and the earphone fits inside his headset. Thus he has film crew in one ear and normal air traffic in the other.

This way, there are no impedances; plug, power or even legal restrictions. The system was developed for the US coastguard. 

With this system you’re covered, whatever the aircraft turns up with.
The MiniGyro does not require :

You can shoot with any 

This is a personal locator beacon. When activated it sends out 2 signals; one homing beacon and the second to an array of satelites. 

Automatically this transmission contains your GPS position to within 50ft and in this case alerts the UK monitoring facility in Falmouth.

They in turn contact Flight Logistics, in a worst case, you can raise the alarm that you have a serious problem in 45 mins from anywhere on Earth.

Essential for any remote area work.
Translator Cards
We have much, much more, call us and we can talk through your shooting requirements.

Vitally, none of this equipment is expensive to hire, rates vary according to the length of rental.

Tel: 0870 620 8046 or +44 (0)20 3210 1040 / +44 (0)20 8202 5667 from outside of the UK.
           Mongolian Mil 8 helicopter                                Russian Ilyushin Ll-76 Freighter
   with Tyler Middle Mount
A two radio kit, with a full range of
accessories that make a huge
Camera Operator's Helmet

This helmet has been constructed especially for
Camera Operators. 

It combines the headset above with the thin earcup with a cloth helmet and a protective shell.

This ensures headset comparability with civilian helicopters and allows greater mobility without it falling off.

The shell does not have the bulk of a full aircrew helmet, but still offers protection in the event of an incident ( which is always nice ).
Phillips Nosemount
The Phillips Nose Mount is a remote controlled, tiltable nose mount similar to the Tyler system, but it can be fitted to a Jet Ranger on low skids and with the use of a "Hard Nose" to A Star helicopters.
In these pictures a 5 camera rig has been fitted for a wrap around projection which was extremely successful.
The system is controlled by a hand controller and joystick from within the aircraft. 
The tightest lens used should be 25mm.
TILT (200 degrees)
39 LBS.
60 MIN.