Portamount is a remarkable concept in vertical vibration and shock control.

However, the common first reaction from those who don't know or understand it is "its just a monopod with a spring". When they learn of the oil system together with selectable pneumatic damping, they become more interested. When they use it, they like it.

True, its performance does not match that of the larger more complex mounts. However, it is considerably better than nothing (or bungees).

Its beauty is it weighs only 3Kgs, takes zero time to install, ................... and it works surprisingly well!

With the Portamount you are better equipped to take on any assignment where vertical shock isolation is a requirement, whether it be in the air or on the ground.

Portamount is designed so that fastening down is not necessary. The base plate with its rubber pads provides an anti-skid base which grips the surface it rests upon.

Within the base is a friction ball, allowing a 30 degree tilt from the vertical, plus a 360 degree pan. The mount can be raised on a lockable shaft in a range of 24-36 inches. When working in confined quarters, this shaft and base plate can be completely removed.
Weight: 3Kg

Height: 24 inches, adjustable to 34 inches

Fully adjustable camera support plate

Durable anodised finish on lightweight aluminium parts

Six foot stainless steel vinyl covered line rated at 480 Ibs, complete with spring clasp and quick release pull pin.

Adjustable damping system