Helicopter Nosemount For Sale  
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Phillips Helicopter Nosemount with As 350/355 Hardnose Interface.

Nosemount fits Bell 206 Jetranger, Longranger. Fits high or low skids with or without floats.

Hardnose fits As 350 and 355 (constructed and approved by EuroCopter UK) with the Nosemount. This bracket allows the temporary fitting of other equipment such as aerials etc.

12v Aviation Approved battery

Film or Video or stills cameras up to 25lbs i.e. Arri 435, SR3, Red or Canon D5.

Vertical Shooting and Multiple Camera capability plus 3D.

Remote controlled tilt.

Arri 3 and SR2 Variable speed control 4-60 fps + Footage Counter + Speed indicator in-built Heden aperture controller.

All in fully lined rigid aluminium transit cases.

Fully UK Civil Aviation Authority Approved AAN (Airworthiness Approval Notice).

Full instructions
Engineering and Electrical support available based UK.
Circuit Diagrams.
Operational Advice available

As a revenue return guideline, the normal UK rental rate is £475 per day plus technician £300.
££5500 + tax (if applicable) & delivery