The new Tyler MiniGyro fills a serious gap in the equipment rental market.
Everyone wants to achieve the highest quality visual results, but all realise that on many, even substantial shoots, money is tight these days.

Against this background, the Tyler MiniGyro with its 4 internal gyros is simply an outstanding all rounder, for not only does it perform well in helicopters but is great for cars, boats, planes and even hand held shooting.

The MiniGyro does not require:
Installation time
Specialist technicians
Aviation approval docs

You can shoot with any:
Camera (hand held size)
Helicopter or Fixed Wing

Weighing in from as little as 20Kg, taking the gear excess baggage is no problem.

MiniGyro – even in its shipping box – easily fits in the boot of a small hatchback car.

Flight Logistics is very pleased to offer Tyler MiniGyros for hire Worldwide. 

Contact us now for more information:

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