We have had many strange requests over the years. Here are a few of them.
London Producer:
Production Assistant:

This is a sign in an eastern block airport inviting you to visit their restaurant, fine, until you notice they can't show an aircraft without having missiles on it!
Varna, Bulgaria. This sign does not inspire confidence, when you're about to board!
This was for real in the USA. The skids retracted forward, leaving a 360 degree field of view for the turret which is identical to a flying fortress gun turret. Great until you find out that the camera operator reportedly sits in it! (Do you want to give him the safety briefing of actions in the event of an engine failure?)
Again for real in the USA. How do you write a job description for this? And they're not well placed if the engine hiccups in this single engined helicopter.
Production Assistant:
"If we send the equipment excess baggage, would the batteries be lighter if they were flat?"
"Do you do jigging about in a helicopter?"
"Er no, not if we can help it".
The request did result in 3 days aerobatic filming from a fast jet.
"All I want to do is shoot 35mm plate shots over the Mekong delta (Vietnam) next  Tuesday and everyone I call tells me it will be difficult!"