Flight Logistics are always interested in suitable applicants to work with us. Due to the erratic nature of the film and TV industry most of our employees are freelance who work for us on a frequent basis

It must be noted that Aerial Filming is not any area to work as a trainee; both Pilots and Camera persons must be fully competent in their field before we will train them for their specific roles.

It sounds harsh but if you're still training we are not interested.
Ninety five per cent of our work is with helicopters, mainly as camera platforms. We are most interested in diversity of experience rather than total hours. Therefore 800 hours of operational military flying is preferable to 6000 hrs R22 instructing.

The ideal candidate would have 2000 hrs+ ex military with civilian operating experience, however we are interested in any Pilots who have extensive experience in at least half the of the following :
Lifting (especially long line)
Jungle / High Humidity
High Altitude
Divided attention flying i.e. Power line / Police.
Precision flying i.e. crop spraying
The  most desirable types are As350 / 355, Bell 206, Bell 205 / 212 and experience on any medium to large types.

Character comes a close second to ability. The film world is not for everyone, you get messed around constantly.

We stress we cannot promise anything but if you think you fit, send us your CV but again we must stress no trainees, just qualified or "can I come on a shoot unpaid, just to watch" it just doesn't work like that.
Camera Department
We look for fully competent camera assistants in both film (16mm and 35mm) and video.

Apart from the technical differences, the two disciplines of shooting film or video are completely different.

A proven interest or ability in flying is desirable to assist understanding when working with aircraft.

Over 25 with a full driving licence is essential, as hiring vehicles abroad is difficult / impossible.
Again no trainees; working with helicopters is not the place to learn about cameras and filming procedures.

But if you think you fit (again no promises) send us your CV.