Flight Logistics have been organising film flying for 20 years. 
These are only a few of our credits...
Footballers' Wives                     Shed Prod.s
Stepfather                                      Granada
Bloodlines                                      Granada
Dr Who                                     BBC Drama
Cilla Live                                        Flextech
Restoration                                    Endemol
Big Brother                                  Channel 4
Red Cap                             Stormy Pictures
Spooks 2-4                     Kudos​ Film and TV
Time Team                                  VideoText
Wire in the Blood                  Coastal Prod.s
Winter Solstice                           WS Prod.s
Murder She Wrote                         Universal
Holby City                                 BBC Drama
Men Behaving Badly                    Hartswood
Casualty                                   BBC Drama
Ballykissangel                           BBC Drama
Peak Practice (x 2)                         Granada
Kavanagh QC                                    Anglia
The Innocent Sleep                        Time Dial
Thief Takers                                     Central
The Wimbledon Poisoner                    ABTV
Between The Lines                           Central
The Bill (x 2)                                   Thames
Brinks Matt Robbery                            LWT
Family Affairs                                   Central
Vanishing Man                            Hartswood

Merseybeat                              BBC Drama
Mind To Murder                                 Anglia
The Family                  BBC Northern Ireland
99-1 (x 2 )                                         Zenith
Knights Of God                                    TVS
Casualty (x 2)                           BBC Drama
Lockerbie                           Goldhawk Films
Chandler & Co.                                Skreba
Henri                          BBC Northern Ireland
Loving Story                                          IRT
Dalziel & Pascoe    
DHL                                              Partizan
Audi                                      Santa Monica
Weetabix                                           Moon
Skye Blue                           Palma Pictures
Emirates                                     Filmworks
BMW                                          Filmworks
Vauxhall                                        Outsider
P & O                        Gorgeous Enterprises
Adidas                                           Partizan
Goodyear                                  Saga Films
Ford                                                   RSA
Guinness                   Gorgeous Enterprises
KFC                                      Cowboy Films
Barclaycard                             Tiger Aspect
British Airways                        Saatchi USA
B & Q                                        Duck Lane
Clairol                                             Eclipse
Hyundai                                Rose Hackney
Spiritualise                                 Blue Source
Jamiroqui                                    Widescope
Fat Boy Slim                              Blue Source
Oasis                                          Oil Factory
Breakaway                                      Blueprint
Beatles                                             Sloggett
Paul Weller                                  Oil Factory
Kim Wilde                                   Oil Factory
Thunder                                           Spudnik
No Sweat                                Trigger Happy
Marillion                                                PMI

Great Britons                           BBC (x2)
Blue Peter                               BBC (x4)
Don't Look Down
Natural World
Tonight Programme
National Power (x4)
British Gas
Panorama                                      BBC
Sea Cat (x4)
Nationwide                                  Anglia
Ford Dagenham
Survival                                       Anglia
British Aerospace
World in Action
Eddie Stobarts
Vauxhall Vectra
Meridian (x5)
Iceland                                          NHK
Greenland                                      BBC
British Sugar
Peugeot 205
Taylor Woodrow
Airbus Industry (x5)
Skellig                                            Feel films
Five Children & It                           Psammead
Fragile                                        Future Films
North & South                              BBC Drama
American Haunting              Midsummer Films
xXx                                                Revolution
The Gathering                      Samuelson Films
I Capture the Castle                        Trademark
Conspiracy                              Labrador Films
24hrs in the Life of a Woman    Grosvenor Park
Gabriel & Me                        Samuelson Films
Mindhunters                        Rene Harlin Films
Running Free                           Sony/Columbia
Entrapment                   Twentieth Century Fox
True Blue                                Film & General
Sandblast                                  Warner Bros.
IMAX Rolling Stones                      IMAX Corp.
Dakota Road                              Working Title
The Apocalypse Watch                      ABC TV
Mansfield Park                            Miramax Hal
Clockwork Mice
Fanny & Elvis
Highlander 4
Essex Boys
Tom & Viv                            Samuelson Films
Jack and the Beanstalk           Jim Henson Co.
Wild Justice                                    Interactive
BBC Natural History
Granada TV
Ford Belgium
This Week                                   Thames
Continental Airlines
Equinox                                            BBC
London Foreign Office
World Trade Centre
VSEL Shipbuilders
General Election                               BBC
Tower Bridge
999 (x2)
Environment Research
RAI Surprise Surprise
Stena (x4)
Microsoft                                 Brainstorm
Nissan Cars
Urban Badgers                                  BBC
Mico (Europe)                           HDTV (x3)
N.A.S.A. Huygens
British Airports Authority
South Bank Show                             LWT