Sun Position Compasses
Two versions have been produced:
Photographer's Sun Position Compass
Cloudy days are often bad news for location photography not only because of their unflattering flat lighting and grey skies, but also because in obscuring the sun they make it difficult to judge the best time of day to execute a future shoot, when the scene will be lit to its best advantage.
A revolutionary product, the Garden Planner's Sun Compass is designed specifically for homeowners, buyers and gardeners. 

The easy-to-use device can be used to determine the sunrise and sunset positions and the maximum height of the sun throughout the day, all year round. 

This is ideal if you're considering buying a new house and want to check if the living room receives as much sunlight as the vendor claims. 

If you have just become a resident, you may want to build a patio, greenhouse or swimming pool in the sunniest area, or you may want to know the best position for your new shade-loving plants in the garden.
Garden Planner's Sun Position Compass
(UK price including VAT, postage and packaging: £21.00 each)